Four Tips For Cutting Down On Burial Costs After A Loved One Passes Away

When someone passes away, many families choose to have a funeral so that everyone can say goodbye to their loved one before they are buried. If your family has limited funds available for the funeral, it is imperative that you save money wherever you can when it comes to the burial of your loved one. The guide below provides you with a few quick tips for how you can cut down on costs when burying someone you love. [Read More]

Flowers To Send For The Funeral Of A Child

There are few occasions as sad as the funeral of a child. Show the family that your thoughts are with them at this difficult time with the right floral arrangement befitting a child. Talk with florists and funeral directors about some unique floral ideas when you want to send something distinctive and tasteful. Some floral ideas for the funeral of a child include: Plump pillows. Ask your florist to create a floral pillow, which is often placed inside the casket during open-casket services and near the headstone at an interment. [Read More]

Anticipating Lots of Out-of-Town Attendees at a Funeral? Here Are 3 Thoughtful Things to Do

When you're working to finalize the funeral arrangements for a loved one who has recently passed away, one of the things that you'll need to consider if where people will visit from on the day of the funeral. In some cases, you may be anticipating a sizable contingent of people from out of town. This may be the case if your recently deceased loved one has moved from a certain area, for example. [Read More]

Phrases To Avoid Using When You Attend An Atheist's Funeral

When you offer your sympathy to the family members of someone who has passed, it's easy to fall into the habit of using phrases that are commonly used by funeral services attendees. It's worthwhile, however, to carefully consider the life of the person who has passed away; in doing so, you may find that saying certain things — even if you say them with good intentions — may not be helpful. [Read More]