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Dealing With Grief After The Loss Of A Loved One: Three Options To Consider

Losing a loved one can be devastating, and you may feel like you can't see any way to get back to life as you once knew it. While your loss will never be something you can simply get over, there are ways to cope with your grief so you can once again live life in the way your loved one would have wanted. Here are a few options you may want to consider to help you handle the grieving process:

Grief Counseling

Grief counseling gives you a way to talk about your feelings and learn how to cope with everyday routines while still allowing yourself to grieve your loss. Grief counseling can be done in one-on-one sessions, or you may choose to attend group sessions with your family. Group sessions can be particularly helpful if you've lost a spouse or a child, as they give the family a way to work together during this difficult time.

Support Groups

There are a variety of specialized support groups that help people deal with a range of different types of loss. You can find groups for child loss, sibling loss, and parent loss, and some support groups even deal with specific types of deaths, such as suicide or cancer. You may find that talking to other people who are experiencing the same feelings as you can help you to better understand your own grief.

Journal Writing

Wiring down your thoughts and feelings in a journal can be a cathartic process, and it can help you to put your feelings into words even if you don't like talking to people. Don't be afraid to continue writing in your journal about your grief for as long as you need to; there is no expiration date on the loss you have experienced. If your children have experienced a devastating loss, give them the option to journal as well, but make it clear that their thoughts are their own, and that you won't be reading the things they write down.

Grief is different for everyone, and there's no one-size-fits-all fix to feeling better. Use the options that are right for you, and don't feel obligated to continue using any coping strategy if it doesn't seem like a good fit. Seek help and support from your family, and deal with your grief on your own terms. If you need help finding support services, you can ask your funeral home director or your family physician for assistance.

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