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Understanding What Is Involved In A Direct Cremation

If you are trying to make plans for what happens to your body once you pass away and are concerned about the money it will cost your family, direct cremation may be a good option. This is one of the least expensive ways to take care of things. Here is what you can expect from this type of cremation services.

Cremation of the Remains

In a direct cremation, the body will be taken directly to the crematorium where it will be cremated. This will occur immediately after death. If you contact the crematorium for this you will not have to deal with a funeral home and will save money. A funeral home will generally charge you extra for transporting the body and will also have some type of service fee to set up the cremation itself.


When dealing with a crematorium you can elect to have a simple container for the cremation. Often, a funeral home will have you purchase a casket for the body. Once the cremation has taken place, you can choose what type of container you want for the remains. You may choose to have a simple cardboard box or some type of urn the family provides.

Viewing and/or Memorial Service

If you choose a direct cremation, there will be no viewing. You can opt for a traditional cremation instead, but this will mean involving a funeral home which will cost more. You will have to at least rent a casket and also pay for the room and staff. As for a memorial service, this could take place at your home or that of a family member. Not having to pay for a venue to hold any services will save your family money, too.


Direct cremation services assume that you will be taking care of the remains yourself. You may choose to scatter them or bury them on your own private property. If you have already purchased a burial plot, keep in mind that you will still need to pay for the digging of the "grave", the headstone, and any perpetual care costs. You may decide to sell the plot to avoid these extra costs.

Cremation services are an environmentally friendly way to take care of your body once you pass. It can also be an inexpensive option when you do not want to burden your family with expensive funeral costs. Discuss things with your family so everyone knows your wishes and then contact a crematorium to set things up. Having everything taken care of can ease your final years.