Phrases To Avoid Using When You Attend An Atheist's Funeral

When you offer your sympathy to the family members of someone who has passed, it's easy to fall into the habit of using phrases that are commonly used by funeral services attendees. It's worthwhile, however, to carefully consider the life of the person who has passed away; in doing so, you may find that saying certain things — even if you say them with good intentions — may not be helpful. [Read More]

4 Christmas Memorial Options To Help Celebrate Passed Loved Ones

Losing a loved one around Christmas is challenging, but there are always ways to turn the holiday around and create a memorable dedication to a loved one. Traditional cremation often involves ashes placed in an urn, but there are a number of cremation alternatives that you can consider with a Christmas theme. By making your passed love one a part of your holiday tradition, Christmas celebrations can become more meaningful and have a special place in your heart each year. [Read More]