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Four Tips For Cutting Down On Burial Costs After A Loved One Passes Away

When someone passes away, many families choose to have a funeral so that everyone can say goodbye to their loved one before they are buried. If your family has limited funds available for the funeral, it is imperative that you save money wherever you can when it comes to the burial of your loved one. The guide below provides you with a few quick tips for how you can cut down on costs when burying someone you love.

Avoid Having a Wake or Viewing

A wake or viewing is when the family meets together to see their loved one in the casket a few days before the funeral. If your family has limited funds available, the cost of the wake or viewing may be more than you can afford. You will have to pay for the time that your family is in the funeral home, as well as the makeup that is done on your loved one to make them look presentable.

Avoid Having Flowers at the Funeral

Flower arragnments can often be very expensive. While flowers look great at a funeral, they can be quite costly and will die eventually, so they are a cost that may not be worth investing in. You can purchase small flower bouquets at a local florist and around the coffin during the funeral in vases.

Avoid a Police Escort

Some families choose to pay for a police escort to guide the funeral procession from the funeral home to the burial plot. However, the police do not offer this service to the community for free. Instead of paying for the police escort, you can simply have everyone follow the hearse to the burial site. If everyone puts their headlights on, many other drivers will often stay out of the way and allow the entire procession to stay together.  

Avoid Elaborate Headstones

The gravesite where the person is buried will need to be marked. Headstones are available for many different costs, and the more elaborate they are, the more they will cost. Invest in a basic grave marker that simply says the person's name and the year they were born and the year they passed away. You can always invest in a more elaborate headstone later on down the road when the family has more money.

Finding the funds necessary to bury someone can be difficult, especially when you're in a state of grieving. It is best to take the time to cut down on costs where you can so that everyone can focus on healing from their loss rather than worrying about where the money is going to come from to bury their loved one. For more information and options, contact professional burial services in your area.