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Even With Cremation, You Can Still Have These Traditional Funeral Elements

If you're pre-planning your funeral and are trying to decide whether you wish to be buried or cremated, you may be concerned about missing out on some favorable traditional funeral elements if you opt for cremation. You may have this misconception because of a belief that cremation is a modern option that isn't in alignment with traditional elements. And, while it's true that many people who opt for non-traditional post-death arrangements ask to be cremated, the good news is that you can still tailor your arrangements exactly however you want if you choose cremation. Here are some traditional funeral elements that you can include.

Pre-Funeral Viewing

Many people like the idea of a viewing in advance of the funeral. This may occur with an open casket or with a closed casket, and gives people the opportunity to express their sympathy in person to the family of the recently deceased. It's a myth that you cannot have a pre-funeral viewing if you're being cremated. For an open casket, you'll likely need your body to be embalmed, while you'll also need to have this event take place in a timely manner — not 10 days after your death, for example. Otherwise, this event can occur in the same manner as if you'd opted for a burial.

Traditional Funeral

While some religions may frown on cremation and may subsequently not allow you to have a funeral in their place of worship if you're being cremated, this isn't the case with funeral homes. Funeral home managers know the popularity of cremation, and can arrange for you to have a funeral with all of the traditional elements if you're being cremated. There can be a casket on display, pallbearers to take your casket out after the service, and more. The only difference is that the casket will then be taken to the crematorium, rather than to a cemetery.


Perhaps you like the idea of being buried in a cemetery with family members — the good news is that you can still have this done if you're cremated. While many people associate being buried with having their intact body embalmed and placed in a casket, you can also have an urn of your cremated remains buried in the ground beneath a traditional headstone. If you have any additional queries about what traditional funeral elements are permitted if you're cremated, be sure to consult a company like Final Care Cremation Services.