4 Funeral Pre-Arrangements Couples Can Make Together

When your partner passes away, you are suddenly left to make all of the big life decisions on your own. The same thing happens to your partner if you pass away first. Instead of leaving the burden of funeral planning on each other, you have the option to make pre-arrangements together. While you may have particular preferences about the little details of your personal funeral, there are some essential items a couple can select together.

Cremation: The Modern End-Of-Life Option

One big question comes up when planning the modern-day end-of-life arrangements: cremation or burial? Here is a look at a few of the reasons cremation can be more logical for modern funeral planners.  Cremation better suits the more mobile lifestyle of modern-day families.  If you have ever done any genealogical research into your family history, you may be surprised at how common it was for families to pretty much stay in the same areas for many generations.