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4 Funeral Pre-Arrangements Couples Can Make Together

When your partner passes away, you are suddenly left to make all of the big life decisions on your own. The same thing happens to your partner if you pass away first. Instead of leaving the burden of funeral planning on each other, you have the option to make pre-arrangements together.

While you may have particular preferences about the little details of your personal funeral, there are some essential items a couple can select together.

Gravestone Design

In most cases, you will share a gravestone plot with your partner. If this is the case, then you can choose a gravestone design together as a couple. Gravestone designs have an endless amount of options, and the decisions you both make can reflect the taste and style you both have.

You can choose the name placement, a special quote you both love, or whether you want to include photos or not. In some cases, you can have a full mock-up of the gravestone made with everything but the date of death. This will give you both a nice visual and allow you to decide on the gravestone together.

Caskets or Urns

As a couple, you can work out funeral pre-arrangements to determine the best course of action for your bodies. For example, you both may choose a full-body burial where each of you lies in your own casket. You may also choose cremation.

With both options, you can select your caskets or urns. You may choose matching designs as a couple or stick to personal preferences. When you go through the process, you and your partner can document each other's wishes after they pass so you have all the information to properly honor your partner.

Funeral Details

Work together as a couple to plan out different funeral details. For example, you both may want your wedding song to play at each funeral. You both may seek out specific flowers for the ceremony. When you put everything into a pre-arranged plan, the funeral can move forward with a lot less stress. Your partner then doesn't have to worry about forgetting details or specifics.

A funeral home will often ask questions you never even thought of in the first place. The questions can cover a broad range of topics, and you can discuss them together as a couple to help make the best decision. The prepaid options also removes the financial burden one half of the couple could face in the future.

Set up a consultation meeting to start the funeral planning process. For more information about making funeral pre-arrangements, contact a local funeral home.