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Making Funeral Pre-Arrangement Plans Can Ease Your Fears

Whether you are ready or not, death is a guaranteed step in life. Unfortunately, death is usually not scheduled and can often come unexpectedly. One of the best ways to address this occurrence is by making funeral pre-arrangements. Unfortunately, this is not something everyone is comfortable doing due to some future unknowns. If you want to pre-plan your funeral but fear doing so, here are a few things that may ease your mind. 

Funeral Pre-Arrangement Plans Can Be A Fluid Decision

One of the reasons many people hesitate to make funeral pre-arrangements is the fear that they may change their minds about their plans in the future. For example, what if you plan a traditional burial and service but change your mind to cremation later? 

Fortunately, funeral pre-arrangement plans are fluid. Although you make your choices, sign your papers, and pay for your chosen services in advance, you can go back and change your mind or plans. Many funeral homes will even allow you to transfer your arrangements somewhere else or work in conjunction with funeral homes in other areas. This option is helpful if you move in the future. 

Funeral Pre-Arrangement Plans Are Honored — No Matter What

When you pre-plan your funeral, the funeral home will carry out your wishes no matter what. You do not have to worry about your spouse or children changing your plans after your death. The funeral home will prioritize your desires and ensure they carry them out. 

The funeral home will also carry out your funeral pre-arrangements in the event that the funeral home changes owners. Rest assured that any plans on file during the sale will transfer to the new owner, who will honor them.

Funeral Arrangement Plans Can Incur Additional Costs

Funeral costs are quickly rising, just like every other expense. Fortunately, making funeral pre-arrangements can help you avoid this increasing cost. One of the best reasons to make funeral pre-arrangement plans is to lock in today's prices and avoid higher future costs. 

Many fear that the funeral home will add additional fees and pass these costs onto the family. These additional fees will not happen. Once you pre-plan and pre-pay for your services, you lock in your choices and lock in your costs at today's rates. The funeral home should not request any additional money from your family unless they add other services not covered in your original contract. 

Talk to a funeral home to discuss your funeral pre-arrangement plans.