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5 Inspirational Things To Help Design Grave Monuments For Family Members

Is your family planning to get a grave monument for a loved one? If so, you may want some guidance on what to do to honor your loved one. There are limitless ideas to make monuments unique. However, these final reminders of life are intended to be eternal reminders, and it is understandable that you want the best. The following points can be used as a guideline to get some creative thoughts circulating.


The design of grave monuments is the most important aspect. It is the first thing that individuals notice. They will read the inscriptions eventually, but the design is what gets their attention. Monuments can be sculpted into custom designs, or you can choose from an array of precast ones.

Custom designs can reflect your loved one's interests. Motorcycles, books, praying hands, or a heart-shaped to represent loving and nurturing others are a few ideas. You can discuss with your family their view on what your loved one was best at doing or enjoyed. Based on the feedback, you can begin exploring potential monument designs.


Think about your loved one's personality. If they were the "life of the party" or had a sense of humor, consider adding a funny quote or phrase. If they enjoyed taking photos, you could incorporate one on the monument. Perhaps you could locate their favorite photo. There are also options to get etched photos added.

Life Roles

One way to make a monument unique is to add the roles in life that your loved one had. This may be their familial role or their profession. Perhaps they achieved something major during their life. This can be incorporated. 


There are limitless quotes that can be added to monuments to make them unique. Think about what you would like the quote to convey. If your loved one had phrases or quotes that they frequently recited, they can be added as a reminder in the coming years. As time passes, this will ensure that you never forget their old sayings. The Internet can be used to find quotes if this does not apply. 


Some grave monuments contain religious content. You can consider adding scriptures. If there are religious symbols that are akin to your loved one's religion, those would be appropriate too. 

Contact a funeral home to get more ideas about designing monuments. You and your family could also walk around a cemetery to get ideas.