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How to Successfully Plan a Graveside Funeral Service

One of the more traditional ways to honor a deceased loved one is to have a graveside funeral service. This involves meeting at a funeral home and then visiting a gravesite for a short ceremony. If you want this experience working out with a funeral home, use the following planning tips to your advantage.

Plan a Visitation Period

There probably are going to be people that visit the funeral who aren't immediate family members and you'll want to accommodate them by planning a visitation period. Then they'll be able to visit the body one last time and pay their respects before the casket is closed and ultimately buried.

You'll work with a funeral home to plan this visitation period. They'll help select a room and designate a time for visitors to stop by to pay their respects. You can be present during this period too if you want to hear from visitors that may have fond memories about the deceased family member.

Consider a Package From Funeral Home

Funeral homes will typically have pre-arranged packages for families who've lost a loved one and want to honor them with a graveside funeral service. These packages might include things like flower arrangements, auditorium space, music, and memorial cards for those that come.

Ultimately, these packages may give you the chance to save a lot of money on a funeral and you won't have to think about every part of this process. It will be taken care of by the funeral home as long as you're okay with what's included in the package. You should be able to customize it too if you want to make adjustments.

Select a Religious Leader 

It's important that you appoint someone in charge of this entire graveside service so that you keep communication user-friendly, as well as ensure important things get done. A religious leader like a priest is probably a good option.

You just want to make sure they're experienced with planning a graveside service and can thus make sure it turns out perfect based on your family's wishes. Then you'll just have to go back and forth with one party when working things out, such as what the eulogy will say and when the graveside service will begin.

If you're looking to honor a loved one who passed on with a graveside funeral service, make sure you take the right actions when preparing for this process with a funeral home. Be patient and make sure everything gets worked out how you want it to.