Talking About Funeral Home Products and Services

Cremation Legalities That Are Handled Through A Funeral Home

A price list is provided to a person seeking cremation services. A death certificate and a written consent form will need to be filled out, from the onset of the cremation process. In addition to choosing how a cremation will unfold, a funeral director will make arrangements for the cremation process to be conducted. During or after a memorial service, cremated remains may be placed within a memorial building. 

A Funeral Director's Role

A written consent form and a legal contract will be furnished to a customer who chooses to use the services that are offered through a funeral parlor. It is a funeral director's duty to explain what types of services are available and the memorial, burial, and cremation options that can be selected. If a client chooses cremation for the recently deceased, a funeral director will need to follow the protocol that is mandated by the state as the designated final resting spot of the deceased.

This includes receiving a typed document that legally permits a cremation. A funeral director will alleviate much of the burden that one would face if they had to make final arrangements themselves. The director will contact the owner of a crematorium and will make inquiries at any cremation gardens or cemeteries that a client is considering as the final resting spot for their loved one.

A Service And The Permanent Placement Of The Urn

A memorial service can be conducted before an urn is brought to a memorial building. A service can also be conducted at the same time that an urn will be placed inside of its permanent location. Some people choose to have an urn interred in a cemetery plot. Ashes can also be scattered in an outdoor area that has been selected in advance. A columbarium is a room within a building or an entire building that houses urns.

Niches are recessed spots that are contained within the walls of a memorial building. One niche will be assigned to each urn that is going to be permanently stored there. Final respects can be paid by each person who attends a memorial service, by inviting the attendees to view a deceased person's final resting spot.

A funeral director can make arrangements to have a nameplate and flowers delivered to a memorial building. A nameplate can be secured to the niche where an urn will be stored. Custom flowers that have been preordered can be used to decorate the niche cover.

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