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Funerals And Memorials You Might Expect With Cremation

After the initial shock of learning that someone you know has passed away, you might begin to think ahead to the funeral. If the deceased is to be cremated, this can influence the type of funeral you might be attending, if there is to be a funeral at all. What sort of ceremony can you expect?

No Funeral at All

Some cremations do not involve a funeral. A direct cremation is when the remains are transported directly to the crematorium with no mourners in attendance. Cremation can occur within hours of death, and while this might seem like an unceremonious outcome, it may have been what the deceased wanted or what their family thought was most appropriate. There might be an informal memorial service held at a later date, but this is not always the case, and the service may not take place until weeks after the cremation.

Memorial Service

A memorial service may be arranged as part of the overall process, which does not necessarily involve a direct cremation. This type of service won't always follow the established order of a traditional funeral and might be held somewhere like a restaurant, bar, or private home. It is more of a time for reminiscing and celebrating life as opposed to the often somber atmosphere of a funeral. The cremated ashes of the deceased may or may not be present. 

Scattering of the Ashes

Some families opt to skip traditional funerals and invite mourners to be present when the cremated ashes of the deceased are scattered. There might be short speeches and drinks afterward, making the event reminiscent of a memorial service, though perhaps less ordered.

A Traditional Funeral

Cremation does not prohibit a traditional farewell in any way if this is the preferred option. Formal funeral services can be held prior to cremation, with the casket displayed. This could be a religious service, taking place in a church, or have a more humanist emphasis, being held at a funeral home or private venue. This will be much like any other funeral, a mournful occasion following a set order of service. The deceased is generally cremated immediately following the service.

It is helpful to have a rough idea of what to expect at a funeral or memorial service when cremation is involved because the informality of a celebration of life is very different from the structured nature of a religious service.