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3 Factors To Consider When Planning A Celebration Of Life After Cremation

The loss of a loved one can be physically, emotionally, and even financially overwhelming. Not only will you experience numerous emotions, but the loss of this person can also create confusion when it comes to arranging their funeral. While funerals and burials are traditional, cremation is becoming a popular option. Because it is easier and more affordable, it is easy to see why cremation is on the rise.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that a memorial service of some sort is not permitted when a person is cremated. In reality, you can arrange a service that celebrates your loved one's life – no matter if you are opting for a burial or cremation. This guide gives you a few factors to consider when planning your loved one's celebration of life after cremation.


If you are planning your loved one's celebration of life, inviting others can be a challenge. You may feel the celebration should only include immediate family or you may want to open up the memorial for immediate family members and close friends and even acquaintances.

Another option to consider is planning a celebration of life for a variety of people and then holding a more intimate gathering with just close/immediate family members. This may require more time and more planning, but it can be a good compromise and a great way for everyone to say goodbye to your loved one.


Location of the celebration of life will also matter since you want the event to be accessible to whoever is invited. In addition, the location should represent the loved one who passed away, ensuring the event showcases their likes and personality.

Many people choose to have the memorial at a home, which is suitable, especially since you have comfortable furnishings for gathering and dining.

However, if you are planning to spread your loved one's ashes during the celebration of life, the event will most likely need to be located in a different location. Make sure to consult local authorities, such as county or city government officials, for approval before having a gathering or spreading your loved one's ashes.

Another option is to hold the celebration of life at a restaurant, banquet or reception hall in a hotel, or picnic area in the park. The memorial service can also be held at a funeral home. Then, you can have a more intimate gathering with just immediate family members when it is time to spread your loved one's ashes in the chosen location.

It is important to remember that there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing a location for a celebration of life. Just make sure you are legally permitted to use the space, and it will be a wonderful way to memorialize your loved one.


Finally, you will need to decide what the celebration of life will consist of.

As mentioned previously, you can choose to have just a memorial service at one location or at the same location of where you want to spread your loved one's ashes. Either option will require some planning to determine what occurs at the event.

You can choose to have guests speak, sharing memories or funny stories about your loved one. Others may read Bible verses or poetry quotes while some may sing or play music.

Funeral services usually provide some food to attendees, so you could also offer light snacks or a buffet of different foods to your guests during the service. Many family members will also plan a menu that includes their loved one's favorite foods as another way to celebrate their life.

Releasing balloons, lanterns, or even birds is also a popular way to memorialize the dead in a celebration of life.

Planning your loved one's celebration of life does not have to be challenging. By organizing the who, where, and what, the memorial service will be planned with ease.