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Three People For Whom A Cremation Reef Is A Good Idea

One of the more creative ways of dealing with a loved one's cremated remains is to partner with a company that turns them into a reef. There are a handful of companies of this nature that can take your family member's cremated remains, mix them with concrete, and then place them in select areas of the ocean. Families often find comfort in this idea — the late loved one's remains will theoretically last for an extremely long time, and can provide a habitat for sea creatures. While anyone's remains can work for this idea, it's ideal to think of people who have a connection to the ocean. Here are three people for whom a cremation reef is a good idea.

Scuba Divers

There's perhaps no group of people for whom a cremation reef is a better idea than those who enjoy scuba diving. Scuba divers spend lots of time swimming around reefs, and often appreciate their beauty and the fish and other underwater life that call them home. If you have a scuba diver in your family, you may want to think about discussing this idea with him or her. If the diver passes away suddenly without expressing his or her wishes, your family may even come to a consensus that this is the most fitting tribute.


Those who are extremely passionate about swimming often say that they feel at home in the water, and some will often suggest that if they could stay in the water permanently, they would. If you have such an individual in your family, a cremation reef can be a perfect way to honor his or her memory. Even if the person only swims in your backyard swimming pool or at the local aquatic center, having his or her remains mixed with concrete and placed in the ocean can be an ideal way to honor him or her.

Navy Veterans

Those who served the nation in the navy have a close connection with the ocean, especially if they served on a vessel and spent months at a time away from home while patrolling the seas. Upon the veteran's passing, turning his or her cremated remains into an artificial reef can be fitting. When it comes to placing the reef, you'll want to confer with the company to see what your options are. In such a scenario, you may wish to have the company place the reef in an area near where the veteran was stationed.

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