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Dealing With A Sudden Loss: Providing Comfort At A Funeral

When your family experiences a sudden loss, you and your relatives may need added support to begin dealing with the grief you are experiencing. There are a variety of different options you can use at the funeral to provide the support everyone needs.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs can provide a host of support services for the bereaved. Your funeral home can arrange for a dog to be present when you make funeral arrangements, and a dog or several dogs can be available during the wake and funeral. Therapy dogs can provide a welcome distraction for children in attendance, and the snuggles and affection provided by these dogs can give adults a bit of added love and support. Some funeral homes partner with local dog therapy groups to make this option possible.

Grief Counselors

Grief counselors can help mourners come to terms with a sudden loss, particularly if the deceased was a child or teen. Having a counselor available can be a good option to help young people at the funeral begin to address their feelings and answer questions about death in general. If this option sounds right for your situation, let your funeral home director know when you begin making arrangements. He or she can work with local organizations to schedule time for a counselor to be present.

Quiet Spaces

Sometimes mourners simply need a place to be alone and away from the wake and funeral services. Ask your funeral home director if there is a separate room you can use for this purpose. It should be stocked with tissues, refreshments, and plenty of comfortable seating for those who need an escape. This space can also be used in conjunction with therapy dogs and grief counselors to provide a therapeutic place for mourners to visit.

Information For Post-Funeral Support

It's important to remember that the grieving process will continue long after the funeral is over. Having information about post-funeral support available can help people continue to work through their grief. Sometimes, those who are in a deep state of mourning simply aren't sure what to do with their feelings after the funeral, and support groups or therapy can provide that guidance and assistance they need. Ask your funeral home director about local support services for people who have experienced a sudden loss. He or she can make brochures about these programs available so mourners can take one with them as they leave the funeral home.

Coming to terms with a sudden loss can be an immensely difficult thing, and providing these types of support systems at the funeral can let people know that it's okay to ask for help during this trying time.