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3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Headstone

Some people are not only planning their funerals, but they are also choosing their headstones. The headstone is an important part of how your family and friends remember you. Therefore, choosing a headstone for your final resting place that is memorable is important. To help you, here are some questions to ask when selecting a headstone:

What Are the Cemetery Regulations?

Before you can start the process of choosing a headstone, you must first decide on where you plan to be buried. Your burial place matters because there are likely regulations in place at the cemetery that dictate what you can and cannot have for a headstone.

If you know ahead of time, you can limit your headstone search to markers that fit the regulations. If you do not take into consideration the regulations, your family could be forced to choose another headstone after the one you select is rejected.

In addition to finding out about the regulations, you need to inquire about the fees related to the headstones. For instance, some cemeteries charge for installing the headstones. You might want to include those fees in your pre-planning arrangements.

Which Material Is Right for Your Headstone?

Headstones are available in various materials, but granite and bronze are the most popular. Both materials have pros and cons to consider before deciding.

For instance, a bronze headstone is easier to maintain and can include removable pieces. If your spouse plans to be buried next to you in the future, a removable piece with his or her date of death can be easily added to the headstone. A bronze headstone is expensive though. The addition of features, such as a picture, can add to the cost.

A granite headstone is highly durable and capable of withstanding harsh weather. It is also easy to customize and a more stylist option than some other materials. However, it is also one of the most expensive options when it comes to headstones.

What Will the Inscription Be?

You can choose to leave the inscription to your family and friends to decide, but some people choose to leave instructions for their own etching. If you do plan to write your own inscriptions, take your time in choosing what to say. Your family will likely decline to make changes even if they are unhappy with the inscription.

You also need to avoid cluttering the headstone with words. The cluttered appearance can distract from the beauty of the stone. It can also drive up the cost of the stone. Contact a company like Maurice Moore Memorials for more information and assistance.