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Don'T Feel That You Need To Do These Things At A Funeral

Dealing with the days after a loved one's death are emotionally challenging, and one of the biggest challenges will be getting through the funeral service. Even though this event helps you to honor your late loved one, it's also very emotional. Even though you're thinking about the person you've lost, you should also give some thought — and some care — to yourself. Overextending yourself can make you lose focus on your own emotions, which can make the process more challenging. Here are three things that you shouldn't feel that you need to do around a loved one's funeral.

Speak If You Don't Want To

It might make sense for you to deliver a eulogy or give some remarks at the graveside, especially if you had a close relationship with the person who has passed away. However, if you find that you're dreading either of these tasks and the thought of them is making the whole funeral event even more daunting, don't feel as though you need to do them. As long as you can accept that you won't regret failing to do these things in the future, you can make arrangements for someone else to take charge of these responsibilities so that you don't have to stress over them.

Provide Comfort To Others

When people arrive at the funeral home for the service, they're there to remember the person who has passed and to support you. While it's nice for you to support them back, doing so can be challenging. For example, it's a strange situation for you to be consoling a bereaved co-worker of the person who has passed away if you're the widow or widower. Don't feel as though it's your role to comfort others; rather, others should be comforting you. If you can accept that this isn't your role, you may feel as though a burden is being taken off your shoulders.

Thank People Promptly

When someone close to you passes away, you'll commonly receive an outpouring of support in a variety of ways. It can feel overwhelming to think that you need to sit down and call dozens of people or write scores of emails and notes of thanks. While there's a time for these tasks, it doesn't have to be immediately. If you can feel comfortable leaving these tasks until later on, you'll often feel less burdened during a time that is already challenging for you.

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