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Flowers To Send For The Funeral Of A Child

There are few occasions as sad as the funeral of a child. Show the family that your thoughts are with them at this difficult time with the right floral arrangement befitting a child. Talk with florists and funeral directors about some unique floral ideas when you want to send something distinctive and tasteful.

Some floral ideas for the funeral of a child include:

Plump pillows. Ask your florist to create a floral pillow, which is often placed inside the casket during open-casket services and near the headstone at an interment. The blooms of the flowers create a plump pillow, usually in a rectangular shape, accented with additional flowers and ribbons.

Floral motifs. Instead of a traditional funeral wreath, have the florist create a religious cross or 'x' representing a kiss for the child that has passed. These are made similarly to a wreath, so your florist may be able to make other shapes and motifs, including sentimental heart-shaped wreaths.

Teddy bears. Teddy bears are a symbol of youth that is often used at a time of loss; either you can send an actual teddy bear holding a few flowers to the service, or you can have your florist create a bear out of blooms and greenery. The latter may be displayed on a wire frame, like you would use for a wreath, so it stands upright during the service and interment.

Sweet angels. Other common motifs used during the passing of a child are angels or a pair of angel wings. You can accent a simple white arrangement with tiny crystal angels that will reflect in the sun, and that are the perfect gift idea to send to the home of the family that has lost a child.

Infant ideas. If the deceased is an infant, have your florist create a pacifier or bottle-shaped arrangement to be displayed during the service or memorial. These symbols are a touching tribute to a baby that has passed.

Beautiful butterflies. Butterflies are another unique symbol, representing the rebirth which may bring comfort to the family of the deceased. Ask your florist about creating butterflies from flowers, or ask for butterfly accents to be wired in to a simple arrangement or casket-spray.

Send sympathies to a family when they lose a child with one of these funeral flower ideas. Florists will be able to recreate these visions, using the colors, flowers, and accents that you choose. Talk with funeral services like Parsippany Funeral Home Inc about where to send arrangements that are intended for the actual service.