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Anticipating Lots of Out-of-Town Attendees at a Funeral? Here Are 3 Thoughtful Things to Do

When you're working to finalize the funeral arrangements for a loved one who has recently passed away, one of the things that you'll need to consider if where people will visit from on the day of the funeral. In some cases, you may be anticipating a sizable contingent of people from out of town. This may be the case if your recently deceased loved one has moved from a certain area, for example.

If you expect many people to come from afar, it's nice to put some thought into making their stay easier—after all, they're making the trip to support you and your family. Here are some thoughtful things that you can do.

Offer a Hotel Discount

If you contact a local hotel in advance of the funeral, you may be able to get a favorable rate for people who will be traveling from out of town. You don't need to actually pay for the rooms—you simply strike a partnership with the hotel. It will offer a discounted rate to people visiting for the funeral and you'll be encouraging people to stay at the hotel. You just need to pass along the hotel's name and contact information to those will be attending from out of town. Typically, they'll be asked to quote the last name of the deceased when they make their booking, as this will give them the favorable rate.

Recruit Some Drivers

There may be some people arriving for the funeral who don't drive; for example, perhaps they've flown in. To accommodate such people, find one or more people who will be staying at the hotel and who have large vehicles such as minivans. Ask these people to coordinate with other attendees and provide transportation between the hotel and the funeral home. This service takes a little organizing, but it's something that those who are traveling to pay their respects will truly appreciate.

Consider a Follow-Up Gathering

Evaluate if you might be able to offer a follow-up gathering for those who have attended from out of town. For example, you may wish to have an informal meal at your home the day after the funeral. This way, people who've traveled to the funeral can stay for an extra day and get to spend more time with you and your family. Likely, you'll want to only invite those with whom you're close, but everyone can benefit from this extra time together. Given that many people drop off food after a loved one's death, you may not have to prepare any food yourself.

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