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4 Christmas Memorial Options To Help Celebrate Passed Loved Ones

Losing a loved one around Christmas is challenging, but there are always ways to turn the holiday around and create a memorable dedication to a loved one. Traditional cremation often involves ashes placed in an urn, but there are a number of cremation alternatives that you can consider with a Christmas theme. By making your passed love one a part of your holiday tradition, Christmas celebrations can become more meaningful and have a special place in your heart each year.

Consider the following four Christmas themed cremation options for your loved one. Each one can tie into a number of family holiday traditions.

Potted Christmas Tree

Turn your annual Christmas tree into a great memorial for your loved one. Instead of cutting down a tree each year, you can plant a brand new tree by using the ashes of your loved one. Several companies offer plants that mix seeds with the ashes of loved ones in a biodegradable container.  You have a lot of options for the seed of the tree that you choose. This can include a variety of fir trees, pine trees, or spruce trees.

Once the tree is planted, you can measure the growth each Christmas. When the holiday is over, the tree can be placed outside until the next year. After a few years, the tree will be too large for the home. It can then be planted in your yard as a permanent memorial to your loved one.

Christmas Ornament Memorial

Whether it captures a baby's first Christmas or the wedding of a couple, a Christmas ornament often holds special meaning and tradition for families. Part of the remains of your loved one can be encased in a special Christmas ornament. A number of shapes can be selected for the ornament. This includes a traditional round ornament, a star ornament, or a special Christmas shape like a stocking or tree.

Memorial ornaments can also be engraved. Feature a number of different things on the ornament including the name of your loved one, the birth date and death date, or a special quote about your loved one. A special case can be made for the ornament so that it is safely stored and protected when the holiday season ends.

Lighting Display Memorial

Home memorials are common for a lot families. This typically includes a cross or special garden decoration. Around Christmas, you can bury ashes of a loved one and create a lighted memorial display in their honor. There are a number of different Christmas lights that you can use for the display. Using boards, you can spell out things for the lights or create something symbolic like a cross.

Lighted lawn Christmas decorations can also represent your loved ones. For example, if they loved deer, then Christmas deer decorations can be displayed on the lawn as a memorial. Ashes can be hung from the deer's neck or buried underneath the decorations. A number of other Christmas lawn designs are available, too. This includes penguins, Santa Claus, Santa's slay, or candy canes. Select something that is special to your loved one.

North Pole Burial

Children may send letters to the North Pole and Santa Claus every year, but there are actual ways you can bury your loved one at the literal top of the world. North Pole expeditions offer a chance to explore the region and bury a little piece of your loved one at the home of Santa Claus.

Depending on how much adventure you want to take, there are multiple ways to visit the North Pole. To get as high as possible on Earth, you may want to consider a dog sled adventure. It's a great way to get out in nature and find the perfect spot to bury your loved one. As an alternative option, there is a Santa Claus Village located in Finnish Lapland. Here, you can experience a lot of Christmas themes and find a place to bury ashes.

When considering these options, it's often more than viable to choose more than one. This can help you create multiple traditions for your holiday experience. For more information about burial and cremation alternatives, contact a local funeral home.